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Bono wave : The Tidal Bore Surfing

The enormity of the Seven Ghosts wave in Riau

Kampar River

 As far-away fantasy, have you ever can imagine surfing on the river? surfing in the river really is not just a daydream. Stream of this one was definitely different and special because not even all choppy seas can be a place to surf.
unique and phenomenal surge (tidal bore) that can be ridden powerful surfers is no real reliable in Kampar River. Location can be found in the village of Muda Island, District of Teluk Meranti, Pelalawan, Riau Province. Wave (tide sea water) which makes the Kampar River is now more popular and being special is Bono waves

Tidal Bore

Bono is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to the meeting of the waters in the tidal currents tide river water. This phenomenon only occurs at certain times, which is when the full moon or the local people call it a big month. The full moon occurs every 10-20 months in the calculation of Malay (Arabic) or the range of months from August to December. At the time of a small moon (tides off season), Bono is negligible.

Bono wave

Bono waves supported the formation of natural conditions where there is narrowing because of the current meeting a young island that divides the Kampar River estuary section. Occurrences Bono usually marked hearing a roar like thunder accompanied by strong winds, followed by the formation of waves and big waves rolling.

Bono speed up to 40 km / h, moving from the direction towards the mouth of the river or the beginning of Young Island to the Gulf of Binjai on the Kampar River. Waves can reach a height of 4-6 m at high tide.

Bono also known as a wave of seven ghost (Seven Ghosts). That is because the resulting waves could reach seven successive layers of waves and can even create the vault (barrel), is like waves in the ocean. Uniquely, the waves roll in even in a much longer duration of time (could be up to 2 hours) when compared with the waves in the ocean surfers usually indulge in a number of minutes only. Because of his prowess, Bono waves are not recommended for novice surfers.
A wave of seven ghost

 Bono is the existence of Attraction wave that is fairly new and still being developed provincial administration. Scarcity and uniqueness of a tourist destination as it has the potential to attract tourists is definitely more than the destination or attraction generally, both local and foreign tourists, especially surfers.


Keep in mind the condition of the Kampar River at high tide dangerous enough to be forded. Go with the (speedboat driver) who is experienced in wading through the Kampar River. Or contact me in or my Blackberry PIN 2772c4a5 for more information,  Calculate departure time and weather conditions if you want to watch or surf the waves Bono.

Teluk Meranti village frequently suffered floods in times of appearance of Bono. To anticipate this, local residents build houses on stilts.

Kampar River water color is brownish. It is advisable for you to wear colored than white.

Bono waves only for surfers but professionals still need to be vigilant and careful. For those of you who are beginners should be careful with Bono tide, especially when the season arrives. For beginners, it is advisable to challenge the smaller waves in the river Turip, Serkap and Kerumutan.

Bono waves reaching 6 feet in height can usually be "found" in the range of months from August to December. Most of the wave crest occurred in November and February. For the wave height of approximately 2 meters, usually occurs in January-July.

Estimated emergence Bono Seven Ghost is as follows:

• 15 - October 18, 2013
29 October to 1 November 2013
• 13 - 16 November 2013
27 November to 1 December 2013
• 26 - December 29, 2013
Peak wave was greatest in November and February.

 Lets Come and enjoy this natural phenomenon


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